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The only Board Marketplace where women have the power to make the first move.

The leading SaaS solution diversifying boardrooms for companies of all sizes, from startups to SMEs and beyond.
We match forward thinking companies to board ready women and investors to empower growth and drive systemic change.


The Unstoppable Effect

Our AI-powered platform matches companies to ideal advisory and governing board candidates from our large pool of board ready women at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting.

Companies save time and money!

Companies that join us can nominate qualifying women in their organization for free Membership in our curated membership community, Board Marketplace and private Investment Club so they can grow their career, board, and wealth portfolio.

We are a powerful tool to retain diverse talent and invest in the professional development of women executives.

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Our mission

Close The Gender Power, Wealth and Funding Gap

Our mission is to close the gender power, wealth and funding gap by advancing for-profit board careers for women, supporting women-led startups and funds, and providing women opportunities to invest in other women.

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The Pay It Forward Initiative​

The Pay It Forward Promise: For every board career advanced through a paid company membership, we will gift a free annual Board Candidate Membership. Together we will advance 75k board careers for women by 2025!

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Britney Moss

Founder & CEO at Cupcake Me!

A signature brand specializing in indulgent desserts.

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