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We match forward thinking companies to board ready women and investors to empower growth and drive systemic change.
No more need to pay huge recruiting costs or rely on a whisper network to find your ideal candidate or opportunity. Join the flywheel that turns interactions into transactions.


The Flywheel

Our AI-powered matching platform is an efficient, transparent resource for companies to recruit and retain diverse talent while investing in the professional development of women executives.

Our online membership community, Board Marketplace and Back Room Investment Club help women participate in the investment ecosystem and scale their careers, companies and funds.

Our mission

Close The Gender Power, Wealth and Funding Gap

Our mission is to close the gender power, wealth and funding gap by advancing for-profit board careers for women, supporting women-led startups and funds, and providing women opportunities to invest in other women.

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“I have been involved with startups for many years as an advisor, entrepreneur and investor. I joined The Fourth Floor (soon to be The Fourth Effect) as it seemed to have strong female founders and a fantastic mission to advocate for more women board seats. Because of this community I met the founder of a AI/ML/Data Science startup. I signed on as a board member very quickly and happily.”

– Cathy Schwallie Farmer Advisor, Investor & Board Member

“So many great things have happened. It’s crazy but at least $1M of our raise came from The Fourth Floor (soon to be The Fourth Effect) connections or events.”

– Hafeezah Muhammad, Youme Healthcare

Join Our partners and make a difference

The Pay It Forward Initiative​

The Pay It Forward Promise: For every board career advanced through a paid company membership, we will gift a free annual Board Candidate Membership. Together we will advance 75k board careers for women by 2025!

featured member 

Thamina Stoll

Global Women@LinkedIn Comms Co-Lead

Her purpose in life is to be a cheerleader and hype woman for other women.

Thamina Stoll

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