Greater Impact Partners

Ad Astra: Credits TBD (anticipated 108+)
Boardwise: Credits TBD (anticipated 60+)
CatalystU: Credits TBD
Corporate Counsel Business Journal: Credits TBD (anticipated 60+)
Female Founders Lab: Credits TBD
FOUNDED: Credits TBD (anticipated 150+)
The Innovation Space: Credits TBD (anticipated 160+)
NYSERDA: Credits TBD (anticipated 60+)
Open Grants: Credits TBD (anticipated 60+)
PEWIN: Credits TBD (anticipated 60+)
Project W: Credits TBD
Stella: Credits TBD (anticipated 450+)
UBS: Credits 175
WEVE Acceleration: Credits TBD
*These partners have committed to the initiative but their # of credits are approximate until the onboarding process is complete.

We're Rebranding!

Thanks to you, we’ve outgrown the Floor and become an Effect.

Our new name?

The Fourth Effect

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