💫 ABOUT:   Britney is the Founder and CEO of Cupcake Me!. Cupcake Me! is a signature brand specializing in indulgent desserts. Her brand focuses on the Three C’s: cakes, cupcakes, and cake jars. Her business sells B2B, B2C, and B2B2C, by offering everyday desserts for purchase through her app and website, as well as custom cakes for all special events, markets throughout NYC, and wholesale to our vendors by offering their unique 6oz Mini Cake Jars. Britney started baking at the age of 6 years old. She then left her footprint on the hospitality industry for six years until resigning with the title of Director of F&B, and Director of Guest Services for a global hotel brand. She now takes all that she has learned from her customer service and hospitality experience and sets her brand Cupcake Me! apart in the baking world. Britney started her company simply because after being raised in a single-parent household she knew, as a new mom, she wanted to be able to spend time with her daughter. Cupcake Me! started as a hobby that turned into a passion, and now has become a business. Next…become a house hold name!

🎁 GIVES: “I would like to give The Fourth Effect members in the small business industries reassurance that none of us are alone, and we all go through the same growth hurdles in our unique ways to become better and stronger. I would like to do this by discussing challenges in business growth.”

🙏 GET: “Help in understanding and building a financial and operations model for scaling success as well as funding during the bridge financing of taking on new wholesale vendors.”

📣 NEWS: “As of Sept 18th, we have a total of 13 DashMart sites in NYC, VA, NJ, PA. We also just launched in 9 Morton Williams Supermarkets. We will be launching in 7 other grocery store chains early October 2023.”

NY Business Journal: Cupcake Me! owner named Small Business Person of the Year in NYC. 
You can watch an interview with her HERE.

⚡ FAVORITE QUOTE: ‘”Don’t forget to fill up with gas on the road to riches.” (Drake) What “gas” means to me is education, celebration of your wins, learning from your mistakes, getting answers to questions, connecting with people, and making sure you make space for others. The riches will be empty if nothing is learned, experiences aren’t had, being financially responsible isn’t understood, and lonely with no village or room for others to win with you.’

We love that Britney! So grateful to have you in our community!

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