Alison Nathanson Featured Member

Featured Member

Alison Evans

Co-Founder of SAYSO

ABOUT: Alison has been working on SAYSO since her graduation from Harvard Business School in May 2020. Prior to HBS, she worked at Macy’s Merchandising Group in Product Development and Marketing Strategy, helping to create and grow Macy’s Private Label brands. She lives in NYC with her husband and dog, and loves traveling, finding the best food and drinks in each city.
GIVE: She can help with CPG related inquiries – co-packers, manufacturers, getting started making a product, marketing.
GET: She’s looking for connections to potential hospitality clients: hotels, airlines, cruise ships, and Investors — angels, family offices, early-stage VCs.
RECENT NEWS: SAYSO just celebrated it’s one-year anniversary of having commercial product in market and unveiled new sustainable packaging at a lower price point.
1- SAYSO, The World’s First Craft Cocktail tea Bags, Unveils New Sustainable Packaging And New Cocktails
2- Forbes: 5 Zero-Proof Dink Ideas For Those Observing Dry Or Damp January
DREAM INTRO WISH: Chief of Staffs in Fortune 100 companies.
FUN FACT: She has traveled to 35+ countries!

She’s raising! Reach out to her to learn more.

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