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Thamina Stoll

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Women’s Advancement & Diversity Advocate, B2B Marketing & Sales Expert, Podcast Host, Personal Finance Coach, Startup Advisor, Angel Investor, Content Creator, and Speaker

Get to know Thamina with us. She…
– is a Women’s Advancement & Diversity Advocate, B2B Marketing & Sales Expert, Podcast Host, Personal Finance Coach, Startup Advisor, Angel Investor, Content Creator, and Speaker. As Senior Client Solutions Manager at LinkedIn, she’s supporting a Fortune 30 client with their digital marketing strategy. Over the past 4+ years, Thamina has generated and influenced 8 figures in revenue for LinkedIn across EMEA and NAMER, and joined the Global Leadership Team at Women@LinkedIn as the youngest member in the company’s history.
– is also the Founder of Give Her Dollars and Host of the Give Her Dollars podcast, helping women build wealth for themselves and other women by normalizing conversations about personal finances, investing, angel & venture capital. After being diagnosed with the chronic illness Lipedema and discovering that at age 28, her fertility had already declined, Thamina has become a vocal women’s health advocate. She’s an advisor to and investor in fertility preservation startup Blooming Eve.
– her work has been featured in the likes of Thrive Global, Create & Cultivate, Authority Magazine, Nasdaq, The Bloom, as well as across several podcasts and in 2022, FOCUS Magazine recognized her as one of Germany’s “100 Women of the Year”.
– graduated cum laude & with distinction and as a DAAD Scholar from Duke University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Policy Journalism & Media Studies, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. She currently serves on the DukeNY Women’s Forum Executive Committee and is a Mentor & Guest Judge for Duke’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative.
GIVE: Advice on Personal Brand Building & the Power of LinkedIn (both from a B2C and B2B perspective); visibility across my audience of 10,000+ people across LinkedIn and Instagram through collaborations
GET:  Visibility (media features, recognitions/awards, speaking/panel & guest judging opportunities)
RECENT NEWS:  I recently launched my new podcast “Give Her Dollars” featuring some impressive leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs and would love for you all to tune in. Kat and Breen were guests as well 🙂
TIP OR TRICK:  As someone who just joined her first board at age 28, I want more young women to have these opportunities. Gen Z will make up the largest proportion of the workforce by 2030 and therefore this next generation has massive influence over the future of work and business. Young women have a very valuable perspective and deserve to be heard. Both company leaders and more seasoned board members could benefit from reverse mentorship opportunities in a formal board setting. After all, you are making decisions that are directly impacting your future talent, business partners, and customers who are gaining more purchasing power with each day that passes. So why not listen to them about what they care about?
FUN FACT:  Real estate reality tv shows are my guilty pleasure. I could watch them all day long.
DREAM INTRO:  One day, I will meet my ultimate woman crush, Emma Watson. As a Harry Potter super fan (we’re called Potterheads), I’ve been admiring Emma since I was ten years old and she continued to inspire me throughout college when she became a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for the global HeForShe campaign. So smart, so eloquent, so thoughtful, so graceful.

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