Featured Member Bettina Mahoney

Featured Member

Bettina Mahoney

Founder and CEO of Fortitude

ABOUT:   Bettina Mahoney is the Founder and CEO of Fortitude which is the only triple threat performing arts convention in the country. Fortitude was Bettina’s brave response to a sexual assault she endured while at college. At just just twenty years old, Mahoney began the prototype for Fortitude in 2017, while at college in MA, hosting her first ever convention. Since bringing the company to New York City in 2019, Mahoney has hosted many conventions around the country, bringing artists together to help them live authentic and fulfilling lives. In 2020, during the global pandemic, Mahoney started an online virtual program called “ICONS ” which serves pre-professional artists as a learning and development program for teens. Mentoring adolescents through self-discovery, direction in their careers, and how to execute their career plans (which is often the hardest part). That successful program became the prototype for what ultimately would lead Mahoney to the beginning stages of developing her new app, called Fortify ™, a performing arts/fitness app with a surface level awareness of trauma. 60% of adolescents associate their negative self-talk and mental illness to social media, and after nearly 23 years as a dancer with a degree in Dance and Psychology, Mahoney wanted to finally bridge those two gaps. Fortify is still in development, bringing to clients ages 7+ performing arts classes, fitness classes, and access to therapeutic tools to constructively handle life’s challenges. Fortitude isn’t just a company, but rather a lifestyle, and Mahoney believes that through fortitude you can get through anything.

GIVES: I am always interested in supporting women owned businesses in the tech and entertainment industry with a strong mission of empowerment. Anyway I can help support your business from board member opportunities, advising, mentoring, please reach out.

GET: I am currently looking for an angel investor for my app Fortify in the coming weeks, and would love to get connected with anyone in the tech, psychology, pharmaceutical, and or entertainment circuit.

TIPS & TRICKS: In building my board what surprised me the most was that I really enjoyed networking and meeting new impactful female entrepreneurs. Leaning into the fear is one of your most powerful assets you can have, and it will create character as well as much needed experience. Making the time for those twenty minute zoom sessions with potential board members even if they aren’t the best fit, because you learn so much by listening to other people talk about what they are most passionate about. If you are the smartest person in the room you must get out immediately, and luckily my board is filled with expert entrepreneurs that have been in the industry 20+ years. Always allow yourself to take feedback, be teachable, and having gratitude always goes a long way.

NEWS: Our app Fortify is set to launch Feb 1, and we are currently in production filming our classes as well as a docu-series for major streaming platforms.

RECENT PRESS: Authority Magazine & Broadway WORLD

DREAM INTRO WISH:  An introduction to Kim Perell would be an amazing opportunity because I would love to ask her questions about her start as an entrepreneur, her advice for an up and coming female entrepreneur in the tech industry. Additionally, I am quite inspired by Kim because she talks a lot about failure being a great opportunity for growth, and jumping into an opportunity without fear are perspectives that I strongly identify with as a business owner that uses Fortitude as the force to change the world.

FUN FACT: I did not have hair until I was three years old so I started wearing leopard pants as hair. My parents would let me walk around the house like that because they felt strongly about self-expression and creativity. I’ve been marching to my own beat since the very beginning.

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