The Fourth Floor Featured Member Adonica Shaw

Featured Member

Adonica Shaw

Founder & CEO of Wingwomen Inc.

ABOUT: Adonica Shaw is the founder of the women’s reproductive health platform Wingwomen, a 3-time TEDx speaker, author, midwifery student, and women’s health and wellness advocate. As a health advocate, she serves as a Mental Health Subject Matter Expert for the Conscious Inclusion Company. And she is known for her work as both a Patient Advocate for the Preeclampsia Foundation and Momma’s Voices, and a voice for maternal health matters after surviving a “Code Blue” Eclamptic Crisis just 3 days postpartum. Adonica is a 2021 Globant “Women Who Build” nominee, and she is also a former public board member for the Healthcare for the Homeless and Farmworkers Board in San Mateo County in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her second book, “Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling,” is set to be published in 2022.  

GIVE: My background is in marketing and pr. I’m happy to help anyone create a press kit for their business. Draft a professional bio, and ideate ways to construct their personal branding. I’m also a wiz at WordPress and Squarespace website development. I’m happy to give feedback on how to set up a personal site.  

GET: I need help creating a cap table ahead of my raise. I would also secure two additional advisors for my company. Ideally, someone with a background in finance, and women’s reproductive health.  

FUN FACT: I had a horrible fear of heights that made it hard for me to travel in airplanes or on steep mountains for the greater part of my life. A few weeks before my 30th birthday I got so fed up with the anxiety associated with heights that I purchased a Groupon to learn how to fly a plane. I honestly thought I would chicken out, but I didn’t, and kept at it. For this reason, I’m no longer afraid of heights, and flying lessons are a fun hobby of mine.  

NEWS: My company,Wingwomen was accepted into the Nasdaq Milestone Makers Winter Cohort. The Winter 2022 Milestone Makers program selects 12 companies from around the world that are working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (#3 Good Health & Wellbeing and SDG #5 Gender Equality). Our mission at Wingwomen focuses around providing access to peer support and access to health information to women around the world. In doing so, we were selected for the program.

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