The Fourth Floor Featured Member Andra Vaduva

Featured Member

Andria Maria Vaduva

Founder & CEO at Hiboo

ABOUT: Andra is a Forbes 30 under 30 awardee and Founder of Hiboo, an AI Enterprise platform that empowers companies to build positive safe cultures with Conversational AI-powered analytics. She is a behavioral marketing nerd with ten years of experience at large organizations and high-growth startups. While working with Google as the Product Marketing Manager for the first Shoppable Video, her work impacted growth metrics for multiple global brands such as Kate Spade, L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Macy’s. In addition, startups covet her consulting work, helping diverse founders understand their customers and scale with applied empathy and contextual data™. Her work combines an empathic and intersectional approach with social scientific methods to create meaningful, sustainable growth and a strong community around the product. Andra’s mission is to enable diverse folks to voice their concerns in the workplace in a safe and private environment and ultimately help them build successful businesses with the power of empathy and data.  

GIVE: 1) Growth advice – how to target your customer with applied empathy and data to scale your startup (for early-stage founders) 2) Investor CRM and strategic introductions (if your startup applies) 3) Pitch deck feedback 4) Founder-to-founder no-BS talk, because this thing called startup is HARD!  

GET: 1) Looking for a CTO/CPO (opportunity for a co-founder) with expertise in AI, Analytics and/or SaaS solutions to help us build the product further. 2) Strategic angel investment (opportunity: defined product with market validation in a $300B industry with customer pilots, clean cap table). 3) Runway capital 10-20K to keep the lights on until we raise our first round. The company has been self-funded by the founder. 4) Board member/Legal counsel.  

FUN FACT: After living in Mexico for a while, I eat more spicy than Mexicans :-). I’ve been adding “salsa verde” to French dishes and more. Oops, hope there’s no chef around to give me the look.  

NEWS: Recently, Hiboo was announced the winner of the MassChallenge IBM AI program for innovation. 

PRESS: Empathy As A Skill: The Springboard To Great Leadership How Can AI Solutions Make Workplaces and Technology More People-oriented?

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