The Fourth Floor Featured Member Hafeezah Muhammad

Featured Member

Hafeezah Muhammad

Founder of Yoüme Healthcare

ABOUT: Hafeezah Muhammad was born in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. She is the the founder of Yoüme Healthcare, a telehealth company focused on expanding access to youth mental health services across Middle America. Mental illness and behavioral disorders are approaching crisis levels with an estimated 12 million young Americans missing out on treatment each year because only 24% of clinicians accept insurance. Yoüme is one of the first pediatric telehealth companies to be accredited to all major insurance providers including Medicaid. In addition to being a founder, Hafeezah is the mom of 20 month old Fatima and seven year old son, Azeem. She loves airplanes and sleeps better on an airplane than her bed. 
GIVE: Completing a technology assessment of your company and how you can leverage it to scale and save money. 
GET: I need help with PR! I am a closet introvert and dislike reaching out, but once I am there, I do a great job. 
NEWS: Yoüme Healthcare gained exclusive rights to patented AI technology which allows us to predict suicide using NLP in therapy sessions. We are building out products like, digital play therapy, digital art therapy and digital bibliotherapy to integrate in our app. The most exciting news is that we just came back from an 11 day humanitarian trip to Nigeria providing mental health services to orphans. 
FUN FACT: I played basketball and was HORRIBLE! I was very good at designing and memorizing plays which helped my team win. This experience has conditioned me to look at my team’s individual strengths and outsource their weaknesses.  I wrote a book called the Cop and The Convict that comes out later this year. It’s a fiction based on my father and brother’s life. All of the proceeds will be donated to charity. 

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