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Topaz Smith

Founder at EN-NOBLE

ABOUT: Topaz Smith is a cultural enthusiast and the founder of EN-NOBLE. A travel service that serves travelers who are frustrated by underwhelming mass market tourism options, who are looking for travel experiences that your typical traveler drives past on a tour bus.  EN-NOBLE curates authentic and immersive experiences that blend popular tourist attractions with lesser-known cultures in order to sustain local economies. The company pledges that 1% of its revenue is reinvested with local vendors to build their capacity and travel products. Topaz has a background in tourism and policy and has previously worked at a leading hotel in Positano (Amalfi Coast), served in the U.S. Peace Corps, and contributed to a United Nations global initiative in NYC. Due to her global travel experience across five continents, Topaz has discovered most of the experiences the travel and tourism industry provides are unauthentic, leading to over-visited attractions and underwhelming trips. Topaz has contributed to an international business project focused on sustainable tourism in Brazil and wrote a grant for an eco-cultural center in Ethiopia in efforts to diversify income generating strategies for a pastoralist non-profit. Additionally, Topaz has raised over $230,000 for education resources for schools and libraries in the Caribbean.

GIVE: Create experiential learning activities, scaffolded exercises and cultural programming that advances understanding and diversifies perspectives. Curate authentic cultural experiences while sustaining local economies domestically and internationally. 

GET: Introduction to universities and corporate institutions interested in experiential activities and cultural programming for their employees and student body.

Experience Asia, Africa and South America in NYC through EN-NOBLE’s NYC curated experiences. Visit our website  at to learn more and email us at to travel internationally in NYC.

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