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Featured Member

Kaitlin Christine

Founder & CEO of Gabbi

ABOUT: Kaitlin Christine is a fighter and fierce advocate. After losing her mom to breast cancer due to malpractice, she exhibited similar symptoms and had to fight to get proper care and was diagnosed with breast cancer at only age 24. After working as a National Patient Speaker and Hereditary Cancer Specialist for the world’s leading genetics company, Kaitlin founded Gabbi. Gabbi empowers women to understand their bodies and proactively seek the care they need. By selling to health insurers, Gabbi helps identify and manage female members in order to deliver maximum cost savings and improve health outcomes. Kaitlin lives in Portland, Oregon. 

GIVE: We all go up together! I love leveraging my expertise and network. Expertise includes: email marketing, pitching and public speaking, startup life, best restaurants and wineries, health insurance, women’s health.  

GET:  I am most interested in growing relationships with investors, key decision makers at health insurance companies, and potential hires in engineering, marketing, and operations. I also have a secret list of female celebrities who focus on women’s health and/or have been impacted by cancer–if you know one, I would LOVE an introduction.   

FUN FACT: I was training for the Salt Lake Olympics as a Ski Racer before college.  NEWS: Signed our first customer and currently raising our pre-seed round. 

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