The Fourth Floor Featured Member Ashlee Wisdom

Featured Member

Ashlee Wisdom

Founder & CEO of Health In Her Hue

ABOUT: Ashlee Wisdom is a public health enthusiast and health equity champion. She is the Founder & CEO of Health In Her HUE, a digital platform that connects Black women and WOC to culturally competent healthcare providers, services and health content. Health In Her HUE’s mission is to reduce racial health disparities by leveraging the power of technology, media and community to improve health outcomes for Black women. 

GIVE: I am happy to make myself available to anyone who’d like to discuss health equity and I’m willing to make any helpful introductions to Fourth Floor Members who are building a health tech company. 

GET: I am looking for a CTO and would love any and all referrals and recommendations for the right CTO. I am also looking for strategic partners! 

My favorite quote: “I get angry about things, then go on and work.” – Toni Morrison 

NEWS: We were recently featured in Forbes and Pop Sugar and Bloomberg Law and Above The Law 

FUNDING: I am currently raising a pre seed round for Health In Her HUE.

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