The Fourth Floor Featured Member Emily Wazlak

Featured Member

Emily Wazlak

Founder and CEO of Shine Registry

ABOUT: Emily created Shine Registry as a platform for female founders to ask for startup needs in the style of a wedding registry. You can ask for a gravy boat when you’re getting married – with Shine Registry you can ask for office supplies and network connections when you’re starting a business. Her company is changing the way communities show up for people they care about and reimagining the relationship between women and ambition.

There are more than 250 female founders that currently use Shine Registry.  

GIVE: Emily is a non-technical founder that has gone through several rounds of finding and onboarding technical talent and can provide insight into that process.  

GET: Shine Registry is looking to build new brand partnerships before relaunching the site in early fall. Special focus on products new business owners love and entrepreneurial ecosystems.  

FUN FACT: Before becoming a startup founder Emily’s previous jobs ranged from converting an abandoned auto-body shop into a campaign office and managing internal policy processes at the Pentagon.

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