The Fourth Floor Featured Member Brandi DeClarli

Featured Member

Brandi DeClarli

Founding Partner of Farm from a Box

ABOUT: Brandi DeCarli is the Founding Partner of Farm from a Box, an off-grid toolkit that revolutionizes local food production and enables communities around the world to grow their own nutritious food with clean technology. She is currently a SheEO Venture fellow, a board member of Jordanian agritech accelerator HASSAD, and a Rising Talent with the Women’s Forum. She is a frequent global speaker on technology’s role in climate resilience and women’s leadership, including her TEDx talk, “How technology and togetherness can transform our world.” A firm believer in the power of collaboration, Brandi is passionate about rejecting old rules and driving positive change in the world through innovation, compassion, and connection. 

GIVE: I love exploring strategic partnerships and potential collaborations, and have earned the nickname of “Constellationist” as a result. I am happy to brainstorm ideas and help! 

GET: We are a growing company, and I welcome intros to potential funders, partners and/or interested buyers. 

FUN FACT: I used to work on a Big 5 game reserve in South Africa, and am an excellent spotter and overall adventuress. (animal calls? Not so much.) 

NEWS TO SHARE:  It is an exciting time to be working on building food independence! We just released our 4.0 model for the US market and have some pretty incredible new deployments coming up, ranging from a few family farms and farm-to-table programs to a multi-unit project in the Pine Ridge community of South Dakota. We’re working to get some solid sales traction in before opening our next funding round.

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