The Fourth Floor Featured Member Alissa Baier-Lentz

Featured Member

Alissa Baier-Lentz

Co-Founder & COO of Kintra Fibers

ABOUT: Alissa Baier-Lentz is the co-founder & COO of Kintra Fibers, a material science company that makes high-performing bio-synthetic textiles that biodegrade like a natural fiber. Kintra exists to solve the microfiber pollution in the ocean and the use of fossilized carbon in fashion that traditional synthetic fabrics perpetuate. Prior to Kintra, Alissa launched and scaled HERO Backpacks. Each HERO backpack gives one day of school to a girl who will be the first in her family to graduate. After all, you can’t spell HERO without HER! 

GIVE: For anyone seeking to curate a sustainable wardrobe, or to learn more about the solutions that exist for the fashion industry to become circular, I am happy to be your guide. 

GET: To be connected to fashion brands with an interest in innovation / sustainability, and investors with an interest in the bio-based product economy / sustainability. 

FUN FACT: I have one letter from the declaration of human rights tattooed on my arm. If I were to stand united with the other 6,772 humans in this living art project, we would spell out the declaration. 

NEWS: Exciting news coming soon!

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