The Fourth Floor Featured Member Suzanne Sinatra

Featured Member

Suzanne Sinatra

Founder & CEO of Private Packs

ABOUT: A former Event Planner turned Accidental Entrepreneur. Suzanne is the Founder & CEO of Private Packs. Private Packs has reimagined the therapy pack and sculpted it for the intimate areas to deliver discrete comfort. Private Packs was born out of a traumatic Brazilian waxing incident. 

GIVE: Anyone that needs help learning from the inventor’s perspective of filing a patent (i.e.: don’t file a design patent on your MVP design – rookie mistake), building a successful crowdfunding campaign, and overseas manufacturing. 

GET: I’m looking for advisory board members and a marketer with CPG experience to join our team. 

FUN FACT: I am a former Marksman for the Royal Canadian Air Force. 

NEWS: Launched in 2019, Private Packs will transform the healing process for women in their most sensitive areas, specifically after childbirth, bikini waxes, intercourse, and surgery. There is huge potential for us to make a real difference in the lives of vulva owners around the world.

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